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Direct-to-Film Transfers

Important! This item only includes the transfer (DTF).  
Garments used shown in the picture are only as a sample look and not included.

How to apply DTF Transfers:

1. Turn on heat press at 320 deg.F  for 15 seconds.

2. Press your apparel first to remove any wrinkles or moisture.

3. Center or align your transfer, then press for 15 seconds.

4. Remove your apparel from the hot plate. Let COOL OFF and do not remove transfer until it's COOL TO TOUCH! (Cold Peel)

5. Once cool to touch, you may slowly pull on one corner of the film. (should be soft & easy to peel)

If transfer is still sticking to apparel, repeat the steps above.

After film is removed repress it for 10-12 seconds for a soft matte look!

HEAT PRESS is required for these transfers!

Fabric to use on:


  • 100% cotton
  • 100% Polyester
  • 50/50 Cotton/Polyester
  • Triblends

Please note that colors shown in this picture might vary in actual. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any of our Transfers.

We are not responsible for any transfers that are pressed incorrectly and make sure to follow the pressing instructions. Commercial Heat press is highly recommended.

IMG_6722 2.HEIC

within USA on orders US$200 and up

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